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Hello Wednesday!!!

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Today I have officially decided to start uploading stuff. Well actually I have an assignment that I haven’t started so today was the day to start. Anyways, I would like to tell  you guys about things I have been working on. So far, nothing. But I will get there soon. Just like many other college students, finals week is killing me slowly. I have worked so hard this semester, but at this point it seems like someone’s going to have to drag me to school. Plus, Ramadan just started so I’m going to be fasting. For those who don’t know what Ramadan is, well let me teach you a little something. Ramadan is an Islamic holiday in which Muslims all around the world are commanded to fast for a fixed number of day, most likely 30 days. We cannot eat or drink anything from sunset to sundown. When non-muslims hear that we can’t eat or drink  they always reply “even water” surprisingly. If you guys wanna know more comment below!

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Now that I have told you guys my main problem (finals), I would like to talk about the things I learned this semester.  The most interesting classes I’ve taken this semester where probably CT101 and Statistic Psychology. During the beginning of this semester, my statistical Psych Professor, Olga Berwid, told me something I now believe is true. As she was informing us what we will be working on this semester, she said “ this class will make you smarter”. The class work has literally made me smarter. I hated reading, but because she made us read so much, I’m beginning to like it a lot. Who knew reading was so interesting (everyone but me). Every skill that high school teachers tried to shove in our heads, professor Berwid was able to accomplish. She’s by far the most dedicated teacher I have had so far.  The second class was CT101. In this class I got the chance to touch my artistic side. I learned how to make gifs, art memes, panorama pictures and even this website I’m using.




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